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Dear investors, thank you for visiting our web site. We make Buying and Selling Houses for profit our Business.

You are needed in the financing of purchases and development of residential properties. We work on a project-by-project basis and always need to borrow short-term loans from Private investors like yourself.

This is a safe and lucrative business. Your investment will be secured by a first mortgage position on a real estate property that will maintain fire and property damage insurance, which will name you as additionally insured.

The transaction between us will be done by an attorney with title, insurance, land survey, appraisal and all necessary legal documents to which you are entitled.

We will never borrow more than 65% of the value of a property. You will always have an equitable position on the property. In return,

we offer you 15% per year on the dollar with payment becoming due upon completion of resale.So, if the stock market is volatile and you are not getting 15% per year on your investment and investing with us sounds interesting to you, then continue.

We Buy Houses

We buy houses at a discount, usually at 40 to 50% discount and resale at wholesale prices to retail real estate investors who are just in a buying frenzy right now!


Our marketing strategy to get motivated sellers to call us over our competitions and sell us their house is on a roll. We need to contract all qualified properties and the cash to purchase them. We then resale them immediately to our database of retail inventors.

The Past

In the past many of these investors have taken the wait and see strategy. Basically showing a lack of interest in hopes that if a contracted property falls through, they will contact the owner and negotiate for an even lesser price. It was our marketing ability that got that Owner to call on us to sell us their house. In some cases their tactics work and they profited from our marketing ability. In the future we want all our marketing results that brings forth a qualified deal to end up in a closed deal and the profits to be earned by both this company and our money investors.



Full Control

By Closing on all qualified houses we will have full control of the Property. Our sellers will be happy knowing that we delivered on a contract, on time and will be glad to recommend us to another motivated seller. The retail investors will know that we have full control and there is no time to waste, it's ,90 to 180 Days and it's sold!

The Investment Process

We are looking for Private investors with $100,000 cash to invest in first mortgage position on properties where the maximum they will have invested is 65% loan to the value of the property selected. This loan to value will be verified by a licensed Appraisal Report. You will know that you have an investment that's worth upwards to 30% more than what you have invested. Your investment will be insured and all legal documents as to your position on the property will be recorded.

See how we analyze it, develop it and profit from it.

Interested in having Your money growing at millionaire rates of returns then send an e-mail to or fill out the "to invest with us" form and get started today!


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