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Win new customers with our "Work Order Submission Tool", It's a high quality Job Leads Generator. Without a constant flow of good quality leads, your business will not grow:

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When a Home Owner or Real Estate Investor fills out our "Work Order Request Submission Tool" and submits it, the form goes to 4 Same Trade Service companies doing business in the applicants' zip code area. Each Service company pays only $25.00 to get this form sent to their e-mail address. Sign Me up! After signing up you will get access to place your free ad under the e-qualified contractors category of out mint web site. Sign Up Now!

This is a limited time offer only the first four companies per trade will be accepted. Compete with only 3 other companies per zip code area and get more jobs. Unlike the Yellow Pages and News Papers where you compete with hundreds and pay thousands for uncertain results. Pay only when you get a filled out "Work Order Request" from a real customer in need of your service. Sign Up Now!

Our aim is to create a competitive environment where the company responding the fastest and providing the best deal to the client will win that Customer and benefit financially from that transaction, at a minimal cost of only Twenty five Dollars ($25.00).
Imagine the advertising cost saved. I don't know about you but I have spent thousands of dollars on advertising expenses with no guarantee of a return on the dollar. To finally find an advertising median that cost me nothing for advertising (FREE Advertising)and only a small fee when I get Qualified online leads sent to my e-mail box, it's a dream come true! More jobs @ Lower Cost = Grater Net Profit. Sign Me up!

This is the most cost effective advertising tool since word of mouth, it's "Word Of Mouse" Advertising and it really works!

Imagine the companies' time and the telephone bills saved, on asking the customer for contact information and what type of work they would like to have done. That information is already filled out and is waiting for you in your e-mail box! These customers are serious about getting their Jobs done, they have taken the time to fill out the required fields of our work order request submission tool. All you have to do is schedule an appointment and satisfy that customer. It's that simple. In the end a satisfied customer will tell some one else and so on and so on. Keep accepting new customers work order request from us. Keep Your company growing! Sign Me up!

Five Reasons to get started today!

1. Grow your business by winning new customers.

2. Spend your sales dollars and time effectively.

3. Extend your marketing power to online customers.

4. Take advantage of a cost-effective and affordable lead generating system.

5. Enjoy an easy-to-use online service–all you need is an e-mail address.

SAVE TIME AND BOOST SALES with our Amazing Job Lead Generator, a very effective tool to keep your sales moving and at an amazingly low cost. No set up fee, No monthly fee and No hidden cost. Sign Up Now!


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