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Interested in making some extra cash, say $500-$1,000 dollars?


Just buy keeping your eyes open in your day to day travels, let me tell you what to look out for:

Be on the look out for boarded up houses and abandoned houses.

Houses with for sale or for rent buy owner signs in the front yard. Houses that looks like the owner really needs to sell, because the house needs so much work.

If you decide to use the local real estate classified listing be sure to drive buy and do a visual inspection to confirm that that house does fall into the category of houses that you are looking for (The owner is motivated and is willing to sell quick at a discount). The house looks UN-maintained; broken glasses, peeling paint, over grown grass, lots of mail and trash in the yard. The local codes may have posted a list of codes violation to the front door.

Sharpen Your Visual Senses

What use to be just another old house on the block, now becomes an opportunity for you to make $500 to $1,000 dollars.

That's right, we'll pay you $500 dollars for the first five houses that you refer to us and that we close on. On the sixth house and every house there after your referral fee goes up to $1,000 per house.

Ready To Get Started?

It's simple, just do the following:

1. Print a copy of the membership form, fill in all fields, sign and fax it in to our office: (813) 746-0882

2. Upon receipt of your member ship form you will be assigned a file and membership number. This will help us keep track of your leads and for payment purposes.

3. Print as many of the property info sheets as you'll need and get started locating houses now! Fill out the property info sheet with as many houses as you find and fax it in to the office.

4. Start getting paid! As soon as we close on a house that you refer to us, you will receive a check in the mail at the address you provided on the membership form.

5. To verify if any of your leads have bin converted to a contract, you can check our inventory of handymen specials in the state and county that your lead is located in, at the web site click on "Handyman Specials For Sale".

We keep a database of your past leads and continue to work them, so you could get a surprised check in the mail at a later date.

Start Now! For a copy of the membership form click here.

Start Filling in the property info sheet with houses you find, click here and print as many as you'll need.

Start Getting Paid!

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